We will substitute owner for overall leasing management work

Wanted business

  • Recruitment plan
  • Selection and arrangement of recruitment media (Internet, magazines, etc.)
  • Create recruitment materials

Contract business

  • In-house audit by regulation
  • Insurance, Mutual Participation Procedures
  • First contract creation system
  • Formulation and signing of lease agreement

Rental management

  • Collection operation of rent etc.
  • Dunning of delinquent
  • Regular remittance operation

Telecommunications business

Tenant management

  • Inquiries from residents and neighboring residents
  • Responding to equipment trouble
  • Key management / storage
  • Deposit checking service
  • 24 hour reception call center

Tenant management

  • Routine cleaning of common area
  • Legal inspection of other facilities
  • Inspection / replacement light of common light

Other Service

This is an introduction to the media that delivers information about Keiai.

Media information